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Super hit combination of director Bala and suriya. A classic like ‘Shiva Putrudu’ came in their combo. It is known that after a long time both of them have recently announced a film called ‘Vanangan’ (Achaludu). But director Bala recently announced that Suriya has withdrawn from this film.

“With my younger brother suriya, I wanted to direct a film called ‘Vanangan.'”. But due to some changes in the story, there is now a doubt whether this story will suit Suriya. Surya believes in me and this story completely.. It is my duty to see that my younger brother Surya, who has so much love, respect and trust, does not face even the slightest problem. We both discussed this matter. We have taken a unanimous decision that Surya will leave this film.

As sad as it is, it’s a decision made for his well-being.” Bala said. However, Bala revealed that there may not be Surya in this movie but there will be a movie.

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