Is This Movie Promotion Prank…!

New movies and short movies are not common. If you think the same, you can say that their promotions are next level. But there is no difference between promotions and pranks. It doesn’t make any sense whether it’s a promotion or not. And even now one such incident happened. Tasty Teja mostly does such movie promotions. He eats amazing food and talks to movie teams and promotes variety. Now you will be really shocked if you see the promotion of the movie “Nachindi GirlFriend”.

The hero of this movie, Uday Shankar, and the heroine, Jennifer, are all promoting while having fun. While eating, when the hero said that Aishwarya had shared the screen with Rajesh, Teja asked, “Did she do it with you?”, Uday Shankar squealed. And chirped. It is not good to insult like this by giving food, he said seriously.You are talking to Jennifer. Why are you interfering in my matter?

Jennifer did not understand. Both of them didn’t listen when they told them to learn to be a little more respectful around ladies. And Jennifer just got up and left.” This is an example of how promotions like this can be a bit crazy.

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