Sridevi gets the prestigious ANR National Award 2013

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Date Published: Jan 4, 2014

Sridevi gets the prestigious ANR National Award 2013

It is known that Thespian Akkineni Nageswara Rao had instituted ANR International Award to honour film personalities who excelled in their life time in various fields of film industry. Actor and yesteryear heroine Sridevi is chosen for the prestigious 'ANR Award' for the year 2013. The award will be officially announced supposedly in the second week of this month in an official press meet by the Akkineni International Foundation.

The ANR National Award is a prestigious award instituted by the Akkineni International Foundation in the honor of the legendary actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao. Every year, ANR, himself would announce the award but this time, due to his ill heath, it is his son, Nagarjuna is carrying the onus of organizing the press meet. This time the award goes to the mesmerising and ever green beauty of Indian Film Industry who served the industry from her childhood is none other than Sri Devi Boney Kapoor.

This awarded was first instituted in 2006. Devanand, Shabna Azmi, Anjali Devi, Lata Mangheskar, Vyjayanthimala, K.Bala Chander, Hema Malini and Shyam Benegal received the award so far. Recognition to her work came in the form of many awards but this time it is the prestigious ANR National Award. Congratulations to our Athiloka Sundari...Sridevi !!!

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Title : Sridevi gets the prestigious ANR National Award 2013