Cow's milk is not the same as human milk

Author : Aravind Kopparthi
Date Published: Oct 23, 2013

Cow's milk is not the same as human milk

Cow's milk is not the same as human milk
(including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream etc.)
Countries consuming the most milk products also have the highest rates of degenerating bone disease, heart disease, breast cancer, allergies, and diabetes.
Milk does NOT put CALCIUM in our bones- it does the opposite- it PULLS calcium from our bones making them weak, soft and brittle. Why ? Because dairy products are acidic to our body, which forces our body to protect itself by pulling alkaline minerals from wherever it can get it- namely our bones- to neutralize the acids. This ironically leads to calcium deficiency. Cow's milk is not the same as human milk. The calcium in cow’s milk or cheese is not the same as calcium from organic plant sources like leafy greens (that's where cows get their calcium !)
Dairy creates MUCUS which clogs up our intestines, lungs and reproductive systems, overloading them with slimy mucus that smothers our cells so they can't breathe. When white spots start appearing on different parts of the body, it means fat and mucus has spread throughout the respiratory and reproductive systems. Hormonal imbalances often result, including thyroid, pancreatic and gonad functions.
All animal products lead to fat and cholesterol deposits in the arteries and heart, lining them with a white thick pasty cement made of inorganic calcium. Nothing clogs up your intestines faster than cheese and dairy. It is glue. Cow’s milk contains higher levels of saturated fat than human milk, meaning cholesterol buildup and blood circulation problems in babies and adults.
Pasteurizing milk (boiling at high temperature) kills the enzymes, so the milk cannot be properly digested. The pancreas can't replace these missing , so here comes diabetes.
Homogenizing milk makes fat particles so tiny they go through the intestinal mucus, directly into the bloodstream where they become an alien substance ( like hydrogenated or margarine) that the body doesn't know what to do with, it so it accumulates in the arteries, joints, heart and other organs. Pasteurized milk is dead food. Calves (baby cows) fed pasteurized milk normally die after 8 weeks !
Even if you drank it raw, you wouldn't want to. Most cows are sick and diseased. They are milked by a machine causing blood and pus to be in the milk. When a human drinks milk, only half of the protein is used, the rest becomes foreign protein in the body... and foreign proteins are the number one cause of all disease in humans. It puts a serious strain on the kidneys ( the kidneys of a meat eater or someone who drinks milk or eats cheese) has to work 3 times harder than the kidneys of a vegetarian. They ultimately turn to stone. It's very hard on a baby because the kidneys aren't even fully formed yet.
Another important factor is MAGNESIUM. Calcium cannot be absorbed or utilized by the body without magnesium. As a matter of fact, people are SO low in magnesium, the first thing paramedics do when someone has a heart attack, is they inject magnesium.
How to get rid of excess mucus
Use lemon and honey(RAW preferred). Mix approximately 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey with a cup of hot water. This mixture should help clear your throat, as the lemon will cut through the mucus while the honey will soothe the throat.

How to balance excess calcium
Seeds :Eat handful of pumpkin seeds everyday
Fruits: Eat banana, Avocado, Figs

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Title : Cow's milk is not the same as human milk